This is a short tutorial and a Guide how to play this Game. Your basic task is to manage your hen farm and sell eggs, it`s pretty simple and easy. As a welcome bonus, you will get 1 Hen and young Chicken.


In case you didn’t know, chicken is a baby of hens. If you will keep feeding your chickens, they will grow up and become hens.


As said above, Hen is a mother of a chicken, so it means that Hen is old chicken. Old enough to lay eggs for you. Time to time some of your chicken may die (if you forget to feed them) or you are not taking care of them. You can also win a chicken/chickens in contests or by completing special tasks. In this game, all hens will go to heaven after game reset.
In general, each hen will lay one egg and another one after collection. You may collect eggs once every hour. Adult hen will leave the Game after 14 days automatically.


Each chicken will lay one egg once per hour if your hen house is empty. Without upgrades, henhouse capacity is 1 egg per chicken. If you have 5 chicken, you can collect 5 eggs per hour, if you have 20 chickens you will collect 50 eggs. You will feed your animals by collecting eggs, there is no need to do something extra. You can do it only once every hour.


Once you collect at least 10 Eggs you may sell them. There is more location where you can sell them at different prices, but some places require some specifics, for example, free range eggs, no usage of steroids or bio quality.


By playing this game and selling eggs you will collect virtual coins and you can redeem them for real prizes. For more information please check your reward tab from your profile page.